We recently asked you to guess our upcoming trip destination; the winner to receive signed, first-edition copies of Tim Romano’s “What a Trout Sees” and my “Fly Fishing for Carp.”

Ejunk, you nailed it: We’re going to Argentina.

Romano and I will soon be departing for Argentina to fish for golaith brown trout on the Rio Grande River. We will be staying at the famous Kau Tapen Lodge. From there, we will head up to Cordoba to shoot doves.

Good work, Ejunk. Hit me at and we’ll get you on the book list (but be patient because they aren’t due out for a few more months.)

Of course, the cameras and computers are packed along with the fishing gear. We’ll be sending updates from the bottom of South America as we go. If there’s anything specific you’d like to ask before we head out, fire away.