The fine gentlemen over at Gink and Gasoline brought up an interesting topic the other day in regards to using lights when fly fishing for trout at night. While many saltwater anglers have known about the benefits of lights for years–utilizing docks, jetties, highway overpasses, etc. to create fishing hotspots–trout anglers to my knowledge don’t seem to use this tactic very often.

Kent Klewein wrote a post explaining why fish (trout included) key in on lights. He says predatory gamefish use lights “as a perfect tool to coax and gather the food into a small area.” The fish use the cover of darkness as camouflage, taking turns “darting into the light with mouths open to pack their bellies full.”

He then goes on to talk about an epic night of fishing that the G&G boys had a couple years ago on the White River in Arkansas. They were fishing under a streetlight during a blizzard and they murdered big fish all night.

I personally have never tried this tactic for trout, but am certainly eager to now. What about you? Any of you utilize lights for trout at night?