Danielsson reels are about to make a big splash on the American fly-fishing scene. This brand is already wildly popular in Scandinavia, where 90 percent of professional guides use them. I believe they’ll take off once more Americans who appreciate the combination of form and function become familiar with them.

These reels are made of premium aluminum. They’re light, but not flimsy. Spools are easy to change, and switching the cranking motion from left to right or vice versa is simple. And they gather line quickly and neatly.

Most importantly, Danielsson reels have a completely sealed, self-lubricating, service-free drag system (you never have to open the drag). The drag setting is easy to adjust and offers one of the smoothest start-ups I’ve felt. Granted, I have yet to tie it to a motorcycle (see video below), but I did the next best thing: I caught a 14-pound brown trout (in Argentina) during my initial “test fish.” The trout made three spectacular jumps and erratic, violent runs; the reel proved to be a critical factor in landing the fish.

Danielssons are also some of the most aesthetically interesting reels I’ve seen in a while. Costs range from $200 to $1,000. Click here for more information.