Folks, we have a winner! There were a number of hilarious entries to last week’s caption contest, some of which I’ve posted below for everyone’s enjoyment.

The winner is jvf, who wrote: “Caught a nice buzz, not a record, but nice one.”

As usual, simple and witty wins the prize in my book. JVF, if you are interested in receiving a photographic print from me please visit my Flickr page, poke around, and see if there’s anything you’d like on your wall. If not, no worries. Either way please email me at and I’ll get you taken care of.

Here’s the list of other funny captions:
from fisherking1999: “Well, we didn’t catch any fish…but at least we caught a buzz”

from themadflyfisher: “Ahh, the lost art of beer netting. You just don’t see it much anymore after the big AA movement of the 80’s & 90’s”

from peppily: “The DNR is suppling the lake with 12 ouncers in hopes that one day they will turn into 40’s”

from treelimit: “This is nothing. You should’ve seen the forty-ouncers we were pulling out of here yesterday.”

from cTXn: “An example of the “great Jersey action” Cermele is always referring to”

from treelimit: “Nice catch. Just make sure you release downstream.”

from Arlo269: “Now was that Match the Hatch or Down the Hatch….Oh well”

from Michael Jager: “Netty Light”

from Matthew Matzek: “I’ve heard of buzz baits but this is ridiculous!!”

from Nympho: “Hey, I’ve got an endorsement idea for zippered waders!”

from chaslee: “While we were fishing for Kegs they just weren’t hitting so we settled for a limit of small ones”

from James Forman: “the historical bud-lite restocking”