Fly Fishing photo

One of the great honors of my fishing life was to not only meet the legendary Frank Moore, but to actually fish with him on the North Umpqua River in Oregon. I did that a few years back with my buddy, Tyler Palmerton (seen here with Frank). Yesterday, Tyler forwarded me this video news clip that ran on Frank several weeks ago. It’s a pretty amazing piece on a truly remarkable man, who turned 90 years old not long ago. I wanted to say Happy Birthday to Frank. There is no finer gentleman in all of fly fishing.

And no greater advocate for the resources. Frank exemplifies how one cannot really be a “complete” angler until he or she pours effort and attention back into the waters that make fishing possible in the first place. Nobody has done that, at least not in the context of steelhead rivers in the Northwest, more profoundly than Frank Moore.

I also wanted you to see what true grace on a fly fishing river looks like. Watch the video, and pay close attention to the motions this man makes with a fly rod–the snappy roll casts, and how he stops and starts that rod just so to make perfect loops. It’s pretty humbling, I can tell you, to be standing right next to that cast when it happens.