All Cast Fly Casting Championships is estimating a $75,000 payout for its Outfitter Invitational on May 3, 2013 in Driggs, Idaho.

The organization was founded in 2010 to provide anglers with a classification or ranking system for competitive casting that would be comparable to their ability levels.

All Cast says that its “unique classification or ranking system has been created so that it can produce the fairest competitions. This ranking system allows participants to identify their own skill level so they can place themselves in the correct categories. The ranking system also helps monitor participants skill levels so that we can continue to produce fair and competitive competitions.

Each competition is formatted to allow participants to compete against others that have comparable abilities. No matter what the level of experience a fly fisherman may have, they can participate in an All Cast Fly Casting Championship!”

They are also hosting events for non-industry folk in Livingston, Mont. in March with a $5,000 payout, and another on May 4 in Driggs for another $5,000.

For more on the events and all the rules visit All Cast’s Website.

Think you got what it takes to win a fly casting competition?