This video comes to us from friend and fellow piscatorial pen pusher Ben Romans. You might remember Ben from his trip this past summer in the Bob Marshall Wilderness for bull and cutthroat trout. Ben sent us this video a while back and apparently this “river tsunami” happened right before Christmas on the Gallatin River.

Ben’s note to us read: “Apparently there was an ice jam in the upper river so compacted it actually formed a dam, and the river rose several feet (some say 10 feet high, but i think they’re fibbing a little). . . well, the ice jam broke, and some folks just happen to run downstream, and film the big push of water rushing past. . . it’s pretty cool–not something you see everyday. . . also impressive to see all the ice and trees that come down after. The power of Nature amazes me sometimes. Apparently, there was an angler downstream unaware of the rush coming toward him. . . He became stranded on an island, and had to be aided by search and rescue. . . Enjoy!”

What about you all? Anyone ever seen anything like this?