Friends, fisher-people, Fly Talk readers, my beloved Colorado river needs help.

Denver Water, Colorado’s oldest and largest water utility is planning on sucking almost 80 percent of the Fraser River out of its bed and pumping it to the front range for consumption. They already take 60 percent right now.

The Fraser, a major Colorado River tributary flows from Berthoud Pass to the town of Granby. Besides being a very important tributary for the Colorado, the Fraser is a fishing jewel in its own right. Many people, myself included, believe this isn’t necessary. We believe that taking simple conservation measures and increasing efficiency instead of grabbing more water would help ensure this river and the Colorado stay healthier going forward.

I’ll buy you all beers, float you down the Colorado, guide you on the Fraser (if there’s any water left) if you help me tell Denver Water to include additional protections for Fraser going forward and sign this petition.

What do you say, will you help me out and tell Denver water not to SUCK the Upper Colorado River dry?