Since Deeter stole my thunder yesterday with the announcement of good friend and colleague Geoff Mueller’s book “What a Trout Sees: A Fly-Fishing Guide to Life Underwater,” I thought I’d give you all a little recap of the last year and a half of taking photos for it.

I was lucky enough to tag along, get really wet, cold, and schlep pounds of gear into the wilderness all for the sake of learning as much as we could about the lives of trout from beneath the surface. The slideshow you see here contains some of the images that are published in the book and many that are not. Outtakes if you will… This is by no means all of them, but I thought you might enjoy a longish slideshow of our travels to make this project a reality.

If you’re interested in buying the book, ask your local flyshop if they are getting it in or you can purchase it now on Amazon.

Enjoy the show.