Let me start by saying that I was quite impressed with the depth and emotion of the comments by all who replied to my rather loaded question of “What’s your favorite fishing sideshow?” As I read them, it was clear to me that there is no wrong answer to the question. Any time you are fortunate enough to fish, it’s the total experience–the landscape, the other animals, and especially the people you are fishing with that matter most. It is very satisfying to write for an audience that clearly understands and appreciates this. And it is nice to read your eloquent words as well.

With that preamble, I’m going to award the signed copy of “What a Trout Sees” to Tom-Tom, who wrote:

“It was perfect weather for trout fishing on the Snake River in Idaho. The time was June of 1969 and my brother’s soon-to-be in-laws had secured permission from a friend to allow me to drive over his farm to a point that overlooked the Snake River, a short distance below Lower Mesa Falls. I carried my gear through the alders and other such down the slope to the river. I changed to my waders and left my shoes on a narrow trail to mark the point where I needed to start the climb back to the top. It was a steady fish-and-walk outing. About two hours in and I was a half mile from where I started and decided to climb out and head on down stream. Upon gaining the trail along the bank, I was faced with a flattened area along the trail and lots of coarse brown hair. A closer look revealed a very fresh bear track over the top of my footprint. The grizly bear had been laying there, watching me fish. One errant backcast and I would have “snagged” the biggest and likely my last catch ever. I do not know the Idaho state for the 200 yard dash, up-hill, and in waders, but I believe that record is mine. And, no, I didn’t go back for my shoes.”

I’m a sucker for good bear stories. I have a pretty good one about brown bears like this on Kodiak Island, but I’ll save that for another post on another day.

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