My trip to the Key West last week was a nutty one: two rods broken, three falls by one guy off the bow, a destroyed rental car, night fishing for tarpon, and a few new species in the bag.

I was lucky enough to travel with four buddies, and had the pleasure of fishing with my good friends Bear and Travis Holeman of Key West Angling. You may remember the Holeman brothers from the NOLA redfish madness. They are about as fishy as two guys get. And despite a bit of tough weather, they made it happen for us. Look them up if you are ever in the Key West area and are in need of a fix for anything that swims.

After our Key West escapade, we met up with our friends from Nautilus Fly Reels who put us on peacock bass and cichlids in the canals around town, then sent us out on a wild ride with Captain Russell Kleppinger for tarpon at night. All night…

I’ll be adding more images in the next week or two, but for now enjoy the show.