Last week’s caption contest was a big one with many entries. After a bit of deliberation we’ve decided to give the Stormr Typhoon Jacket to agsfield who wrote, “Ahhhhh, you said SIDEcast.”

Agsfield, send me an email with you contact details and size to and we’ll get your jacket sent right out. Congrats!

Here’s a list of some of my favorites that were close to making the cut.

from Jeremy Marrero: “Everybody was Kung Fu fishing”

from Tres33: “There he goes! Romano is attempting to steal home-waters!! and he is…Safe!!!”

from Lovematic Grandpa: “She wouldn’t take my subtle presentation, so I gave her the roundhouse!”

from abcdpete: “There! Now they’re breathable.”

from Noelie84: “Just as Biathlon combines Target Shooting and Cross-Country Skiing, the emerging sport of Anklesprain combines Break Dancing and Fly Fishing.”

from Blase110: “Before taking on asian carp, its best to practice your flying leg kicks”

from Hunter00015: “An extreme outdoorsman who goes all out in both the field and the stream!”

from Motownsal: “The National Basefishing League went defunct after a lackluster first season.”

from Hunter00015: “I guess he decided to go with the aggressive presentation.”

from pfabian: “Nickens puts a pretty good SWING into this one and there’s a FLY ball, this one might be just deep enough, folks. Romano DRIFTS under it and HAULS it in TWO-HANDED. Now Cermele’s off from third… Here’s Romano’s throw… Looks like we’re going to have a SPEY at the plate!”