Carp Fishing photo

Many of my carp nation friends from coast to coast are reporting that the fishing has turned on–in a big way. Al Quattrocchi and Conway Bowman tell me the annual “Throwdown” tournament held at Lake Henshaw near San Diego was a great success. I am going down to fish the Dirty South Platte in Denver today to see what’s happening. Will Rice reported that flows have dropped, the water cleared, and the fish are happy.

We’re going to be talking a lot about carp in the next week or so. (There is a certain book that was just printed.) So if you are looking to go on a serious carp adventure, there are some trips available on Beaver Island this summer. I’m on record as saying that when it’s at its best Beaver Island offers some of the premier flats fishing in America, on par or better than anything you’ll find in Florida, Louisiana, Texas or elsewhere. Just imagine sight casting for massive fish (sometimes 20-pounders or big) in gin-clear water; in total solitude; in total bug-free comfort; and landing hundreds of pounds worth in a given day. If that doesn’t remove any hangups you might have with carp, I don’t think I can help you.

The serious carpers out there might already be considering going to Jean-Paul Lipton’s “Carp Camp” on Beaver Island in July. There are only a couple slots available (they just opened up). Lipton has done more to make high art out of casting at species some consider trash fish than anyone I know. I fished with J.P. on Beaver Island a couple summers back, and he is definitely the real deal. You will learn from him, no doubt.

Of course, the beauty of carp (an odd phrase, I know) is that you can find them just about anywhere, anytime. Look closely in your local waters, and you’ll probably see some. And they are probably ready to chow on your flies. So who has a great carp fishing story to share?