I visited my friends at Boulder Boat Works last week and noticed an old-ish wooden drift boat rotting away in the field next to the shop. The photo above is it with my daughter sitting in the bow.

Casually, I asked Andy Toohey, owner and boat designer, what it was and what he was doing with it. Apparently this was the first boat he’d built almost 10 years ago and that he was going to burn it in effigy. Almost in the same sentence he asked if I wanted it. Without thinking of where I’d put it or how I’d even get it off the lot, I said yes. So I am now the proud owner of a 10-year-old wooden drift boat.

It needs some cosmetic work, a bit of hull love, but it floats and is apparently perfectly river worthy. I couldn’t be happier. While I’d love a new boat from Boulder Boat Works, this will do until I can justify dropping coin on a fourth fishing vessel or my wife suddenly gets amnesia and forgets that a major chunk of our yard is taken up by said craft.

I have two questions for you: What should I name it? Any suggestions out there for repairing wooden hulls or refinishing wooden surfaces for water without the need for a full on shop type situation?