Here are my friends — complete whack-jobs — from Boulder Boat Works, dragging one of their boats down a couple hundred yards of trail to put on for a wilderness float we did on the North Platte River a couple of weeks ago. I honestly couldn’t believe we were attempting something so seemingly silly with a hard boat. They proved me wrong.

While it wasn’t the easiest put in, it really wasn’t that bad — and totally worth having the luxury of a hard boat on such a cool float. Granted, I have a couple of put-ins and take-outs that are not so much fun. One actually requires us belaying my raft down an almost vertical cliff face.

I’m curious… For those of you who do the boat fishing thing, what’s your “put-in” that other folks would take a second or third look at? It could be some nasty breakers on the ocean, a cliff belay to the river, or an overland slog to your favorite bass pond. Let me hear em.