This past Wednesday I played a little hooky and spent the day throwing size 6 dry flies at ravenous trout on the upper Colorado River at one of my favorite locations. While I’ve been known to skip out on work to go fishing for the day, this wasn’t just any other day. The weather was perfect, the water flows were just right, and the fishing was silly good.

We were chasing the giant stonefly’s known as salmon flies or (Pteronarcys californica). This is an event that might only last a couple weeks, moves upstream with warmer temps, and only happens on a handful of rivers in the west. It typically coincides with heavy runoff on the Colorado, making it virtually unfishable. So it was was extra special that it didn’t this year, leaving water levels relatively low during the hatch. To put it in perspective I’ve been trying to hit it here for the past 10 years and I’ve only seen it like this twice. Yesterday was one for the books–a day I will not forget for a long time.

I know Deeter’s asked you all what you think is the best hatch in all of fly fishing, be it salmon flies, hex’s, or green drakes, but I’m curious about a different question. What’s the best fishing feeding event out there? Is it the striper blitz out east, the Palolo worm hatch in the keys, the crab flush at Boca Grande, the smelt run in the western lakes of Maine? I personally think the salmon fly hatch is one of the most impressive events I’ve ever witnessed. How about you?