“80,000 damns, 51 Interviews and one film.” That’s how Ben Knight and Travis Rummel describe their forthcoming movie titled DAMNATION. The two own and run Felt Soul Media and have been involved in some groundbreaking films like Red Gold and Eastern Rises. While the trailer for the film has been around for a bit, the website just got a refresh with more info on the project, photos, news, frequently asked questions about dams and dam removal.

The site also has some amazing new stories and interviews from people the crew has talked to along the way like Katie Lee who at 93, “first explored the red rock labyrinth of Glen Canyon” years ago when she was young and before it was flooded by the Glen Canyon Damn. The sordid tale of the Elwha dam–how it was removed, and literally weeks after it was–the coho, steelhead and later chinook’s started to move back into the river.

There’s also a super cool Statigram site filled with images of behind the scenes shots. If you’re interested in the dam removal movement at all or simply curious about the idea, do yourself a favor and head over to the website and get lost for a spell. You won’t be disappointed.