The Forest Service has once again placed an underwater camera in Steep Creek near Juneau, Alaska to let people get a glimpse of Sockeye salmon returning to the Tongass National Forest in real time.

“The overall escapement, or numbers of fish that reach the spawning grounds, for Steep Creek sockeye varies from year to year. An average run would be considered 1,000 fish. We have seen it as low as 350 and as high as 4,000. So many factors can contribute to run size. It’s difficult to predict. So keep watching,” said Pete Schneider, a fisheries biologist on the Tongass.

I’ve been watching for just a few minutes this morning and have already seen a number of fish amble by. Apparently, the camera will be in place throughout the month of August when the fish runs dwindle and the late summer/early fall rains make it impossible to see.

Thought I’d give you all a little way to procrastinate a bit more than you need to on a Monday. Enjoy!