We put a signed copy of my friend Geoff Mueller’s book, “What a Trout Sees” up for grabs last week for a caption contest. There were a number of solid captions for this image, but the one that got me was from Mibasshunter, who wrote: “Finally Jedis have used the force for something useful.”

There were some other quality entries. Here are some of my favorites:

From ImABassMan: “It’s raining fish, Hallelujah”

From kentuckydave: “All right, call it in the air. Heads or tails”

From smccardell: “The original “fly fishing”

From OMuilleoir: “Bassmaster flash”

From Diane Boyle-Mather: “no you didn’t misunderstand me I said flying fish not fly fishing”

Mibasshunter, shoot me an email with your contact info to and I’ll get your book sent out.