Now, nobody thought I really lost, did you? I’m not saying either way. This shot was taken when I was up in Juneau, Alaska, with Hal Herring.

While that might have been all fun and games for me, Hal has produced some eloquent work on the real issue at hand: protecting the wild fisheries in the Tongass National Forest. If you haven’t checked that out, I urge you to do so.

My personal favorite caption came from buckhunter, who wrote: “Tired of beating Michigan 10 years in a row, Ohio State sends in the cheerleaders.”

Reading that one was like watching Braxton Miller dash untouched through the Wolverine secondary–it hurt, but all I could do was nod my head in awe. Doesn’t matter, buckhunter, you’re still not getting the line, because that’s kind of an inside joke. Home field advantage.

Instead, I will reward the RIO Gold fly line to FlyBorchetti, who penned: “Last piece of pie (at) dinner: Northern girl: Let’s get two forks and split it; Southern girl: Darlin’ you don’t really want that pie, do you? Alaskan girl: Wrestle you for it.”

There’s definitely some truth in that. FlyBorchetti, e-mail me at, and I’ll get you the line.