Recently my good buds from Gink and Gasoline, Louis Cahill and Kent Klewein had a chance to partner with BFGoodrich and produce a video about fly fishing for the company. Obviously this is a blatant ad for the tire company, but in many ways I feel that the video makes a whole lot more sense out of “why we fish” than many others out there. It’s beautifully filmed, well produced, artfully edited and speaks to many of the reasons that we all do what we do.

Louis and Kent are the real deal. They live, breath, and bleed fishing. This little piece shows it. If you can get past tire promotion, the film truly captures what fishing means for these two, and for many of us, I think. Take a few moments out of your Friday and get amped up for your fishing this weekend by watching this short about fishing Idaho’s Owyhee river. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.