Last week’s caption contest for the RIO Perception Fly Line started off a bit slow, but really got rolling later in the week with a few absolutely hilarious comments. Some of my favorites are:

From Juan-Thomas Dibble: “It keeps the aliens from knowing where the fish are biting.”

From Chris Roehrig: “Years later Larry would realize Ron Popeil was not a fly fisherman.”

From Sawblades: “Alright guys, last photo for my zoosk dating profile pic…I promise”

From tonyvs513: “Single white male available. Enjoys traveling, exotic fashion and sea food.”

From natureonthefly: “think I found the ugliest girl in Alaska.”

From ImABassMan: “About as smooth and refined as Deeter’s game with the Alaskan ladies.”

I’m giving the line to EastCoastFly though — who wrote, “Now Playing: Cabin Boy Part II, the tale of how Chris Elliott’s younger brother fell down the stairs with his fly box open.”

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