The Colorado Wildlife Council has a new series of ads playing a lot on our local TV stations lately. The campaign is called Hug a Angler and Hug a Hunter. You can watch the newest ad below. The ads remind people that 1.8 billion dollars a year are generated by hunting and fishing in this state – about the same as the ski industry. That’s big. Really big. The campaign and ads also remind us that the acts of hunting and fishing benefits not only wildlife but, by the collection of license fees, also protects habitat. The same habitat that non-anglers and hunters use quite a bit in this state. I think that is way cool and is a great reminder for everyone out there who uses the rivers, lakes, and public land in Colorado that we anglers and hunters pay for all that they get to use. Curious if anyone else has a PR campaign like this in their neck of the woods. If so how is it viewed?