Once a year a group of my friends like to get together over beers, look at maps, and plan some masochistic backpacking trip somewhere high in a wilderness area of Colorado. We pick locations based on names, geography, and basically what ”looks” like fun. Of course fish have to factor in there somehow, but that part is a bit of a gamble as many of these locales are spots that very few people visit. This years trip was two weekends ago and turned out to be epic as usual, but with a bit more rain than we were hoping for.

Little did we know how much rain we were in for when we returned home to the front range of Colorado after our trip. As I’m sure many of you have seen on the national news my town and many others have been devastated by flooding this past week. Almost everyone I know has been affected in some way. Many with unimaginable damage to their homes and businesses. My family personally is okay, but it’s been a rough go the last 7 days. While somewhat trivial compared to loss of life and homes I can’t help but wonder how my local trout spots west of here fared. Time will tell and trout are hardy creatures, but it’s certainly got me worried. Frankly, those wounds are too fresh to cover here and now, but I’ll get you all the inside story as it unfolds in the coming days, weeks, and months on what exactly 100 year floods do to small trout creeks and how they recover.

For the time being enjoy the show.