Try as I might I couldn’t come up with a Halloween “angle” today, so I’m gonna give you the next best thing: videos from the BBC Human Planet that show three absolutely insane ways people around the globe catch fish just to make ends meet. Enjoy.

“Divers in Indonesia have a clever but dangerous fishing technique. Using a thousand metre long net line, the divers capture around 50% of a reef’s fish. The dive is fraught with dangers not least symptoms known as the bends.”

“During monsoon season the Mekong swells to 20 times its normal volume, which brings more fish to the Khone Falls but makes them much harder to catch. Sam Niang, a local fisherman, came up with a plan to get to the best fishing perch. He built a tightrope across the rapids out of old cable and bits of rope.”

“On one day of the year the Dogon people of Mali can fish in the sacred water of Lake Antogo. It’s every fisherman for himself as the lake is emptied in minutes.”