The most recent caption contest proved to be a popular one. There were a number of entries — many of them very funny, which made it tough to choose. My favorites are below, but I gotta give the 2-ounce bottle of Spectrum Response UV Spray, the new Hemo holster, and a package of Thingamabobbers to abiddle013, who wrote: “Finally, a brief case that holds my financial reports and my dry flies.”

Congrats, adiddle0013! Send me an email to and I’ll get your stuff sent out right away.

From abiddle013, who wrote: “It was formal friday at the ‘Steel’head Mill”

From TM, who wrote: “How the other one percent fishes.”

From Chad Hawkins, who wrote: ” Business in front, party in the back.”

From Bob, who wrote: “Is this what you wear when fishing from the “bank”? (sorry, I had to…)”

From Donna Green Pilkey, who wrote: “Feelin’ SUPERFLY”

From smccardell, who wrote: “And just when I was getting comfortable with my furlough, Congress has to go and pass a budget compromise”

From crfromsc, who wrote: “Hey, nice fly box. Does it float?”

From haverodwilltravel, who wrote: “Always the professional, Secret Service Agent Johnson returns with V.P. Cheney’s back up rod.”

From filt007, who wrote: “SoFISHticated”

From Texas, who wrote: “My mission, if I choose to accept, huh? …No! I’d rather go fishing.”