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Courtesy of our friends over at TRCP and the Center for Water Resources I was alerted to one of the more interesting interactive maps regarding water, rivers and where they all end up. It’s called Streamer (no, not that kind) and was developed by the U.S. Geological Survey. As Jimmy Hauge over at TRCP says, “It’s like a Google map for rivers, and lets you follow any major river or stream in America upstream to its headwaters or downstream to the ocean. With it, you can see the interconnectedness of water. And you can see why anglers who care about Gulf fishing must also care about South Dakota farming.”

Once a stream/river is traced up or down you can generate a report that tells you the length of a given piece of water, where it finally empties, if there are any gages on it, how many counties it runs through, the populations of said counties, cities, etc. It’s a very cool tool and quite a bit of fun once you start messing around with it.