The photo above was found by one of my local fly shops online and shared via their blog some weeks ago in a post written by one of the employees railing against the practice of targeting spawning fish. It clearly shows an angler hoisting a brown trout that was obviously full of eggs and reportedly had been targeted on her redd by a guide and client from another outfit. Now I don’t know about you all, but I consider this dirty, dirty pool and stay far away from fish that are obviously spawning.

As the author of the blog post states, “we all want to catch big fish and we have all made that cast before, but as guides, or staff, or as pro anglers it’s our job to promote catch and release, barbless hooks, rubber nets, and all other ways to preserve the resource that we all enjoy … Walking the line between catching large fish during spawning season and destroying the future generations is a line that many anglers come close to but try not to cross.”

And a quick reminder about a new fly fishing movie to benefit Front Range Flood Relief:

Last month I shared a little clip of the new Confluence Films movie titled Waypoints. The worldwide premier and DVD release of the movie is happening this Friday, November 8th at cities across the globe to raise money for conservation issues. There’s an even newer trailer (below) to get you fired up to get out and see the entire movie this Friday. Here in Colorado a group I’m involved with called The Greenbacks are screening the movie in Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Steamboat Springs to help raise money for all of the flood ravaged drainages across our state. If you’re in the area we’d love to see you and if not take a look at the Confluence Films location page and see if there’s a city near you where you can get out see some of the best fly fishing porn available while helping local conservation groups do their thing.