Looks like fly fishing is about to get competitive.

A member of Fly Fishing Team USA, Anthony Naranja, has started the Pro Fly Angling Tour. At the time being, there seems to be a very robust website where you can find more info on events, competitors, scoring, etc., plus a countdown to the season starting in April of 2014.

I personally have never had any interest in competitive fly fishing. That’s just me though. And, I guarantee I’d get my ass handed to me by most of the competitors. But that’s just not why I fish. I’m not out for points or getting the biggest fish or to “beat” my buddy. Typically I’m trying to get away from all of that when I fish. If fishing became stressful for me I think that’d be about the end of it.

That said, I think there’s a lot to learn from folks who do the competitive thing — every one I’ve ever fished with has out-fished me 10 to 1. I’ve learned more tricks in one day of fishing with a team USA fishing member than I have in years of just doing my thing. So there’s an education side to it. You’d better be good to compete…

Then there’s the promoting fly fishing aspect. The industry has been and certainly always seems to be looking for ways to grow. Could this be one answer? I guess time will tell…

What are your thoughts on a Competitive Fly Fishing Tour?