My family has a tradition of making frosted cookies for the holidays. It’s a production line kind of deal. We roll the dough, cut the cookies, bake them, let them cool, then frost and decorate them. Granted, after about 12 dozen cookies, the mind can wander and the decorating artistry can get a little, well, “interesting.”

And so “Deeter Carp Cookies” were born. My Grandma’s sugar cookie recipe… white frosting… gold sprinkles for scales, and red frosted fin accents.

Some folks say that real carp, prepared the right way, actually taste pretty good. But not this good, I’m sure. In fact, I’ll say for the record that this is as close to eating carp as I will ever come.

I’d send you all a bunch if I could, but the photo is the best I can do for now. Of course, I wish you all a very happy, healthy, New Year, filled with sweet fishing adventures… including carp!