Sometimes enjoying a river has nothing to do with fishing. Well, almost nothing…

One of those trips was a float I took this past October down one of the west’s great tail-waters. My wife, me, and 13 friends took a gamble on the weather and floated for almost 50 miles through the Gates of Lodore on the Green River, just below all the quality trout water.

While a little chilly, it proved to be an almost perfect four days with not a drop of precipitation seen. We did fish a littlev–catching a few smallies and a couple large trout–but beyond the fishing, the trip reminded me why I love floating rivers for more than a day at a time. Time slows down, you learn to look around and appreciate where you are and why you get out and do things like fish, hunt, float, and camp. Life’s pretty simple … All that matters is staying dry, eating good food, throwing back a few drinks, enjoying the wonderful company, and taking in the view.

Enjoy the pics.