As many of you know, each year I like to set a New Year’s fishing resolution. I resolve to catch X in the next year…

Sometimes that can be a “quantity” goal, like trying to catch 20 different fish species on the fly in a year. Sometimes I zero in on a specific fish (someday I will indeed catch a musky on the fly, though I have resolved to do so and not achieved that for many years).

This year I’ve decided that I want to do a “double-10.” I want to catch a 10-pound brown trout, and at 10-pound rainbow trout, both on the fly. But here’s the rub: no stockers! Only wild fish count. And only North American fish, no freak chasing in South America.

I feel pretty good about the rainbow odds, since I’ll be doing a lot of steelhead fishing. But the brown trout is going to be tough. I think my best chance will be hoofing mouse flies at night.

Do you have a fishing resolution? I’m not talking about “fish more often,” or “take kids fishing,” which should be resolutions for everyone. I’m talking about specific species, pounds, and inches. What’s on your list?