If you’re the type of angler/hunter/camper that likes the idea of being able to boil water without relying on any fuel, go on extended fishing or hunting trips where the weight of fuel is an issue to carry, or just like the smell of wood smoke, the Ghillie Kettle might be for you.

I started using one last fall. It’s basically a double-walled boiler with a chimney and is remarkably simple in its operation. It does the same thing any other backpacking stove does, only you don’t need to carry any fuel. You just use small sticks, dried grass or any other combustibles that might be lying around to boil water.

While it’s not as fast as using a fuel powered stove, there’s something nice about wood smoke. On the safety side, you’ll always have fuel if that’s a concern for you on longer trips, or if you simply don’t want to bring any fuel to shave off weight.

My Ghillie also came with a small “cook kit” attachment. While I’ve yet to use it, the idea is that you can use it to cook or heat up food over the chimney while boiling water.

We’ll see if the Ghillie finds a home in my family camping/overnight boat box… I like the idea of starting a little fire on those lazy mornings, but am unsure how motivated I’ll be in the long run to start a fire every time I want to boil water.

The name dates back to the Ghillies of Western Ireland who would boil water for their clients’ tea. The fit and finish on the Ghillie Kettle are impeccable, and it comes in a number of sizes.