Many of you already appreciate the huge impact Yeti Coolers has made in the fishing arena in recent years. Some of you no doubt also appreciate the company’s nifty little “beverage entry tool” that looks like a tarpon and pries or twists bottle caps with ease. Now, the company is launching a thermal “Rambler” cup (available in April for $30 for a 20-ounce size; $35 for a 30-ouncer) that completes the sweep of keeping beverages cold, opening them, and giving you a place to pour them on.

I’ve been doing some serious “field testing” lately — mostly coffee, mind you, because the Rambler keeps beverages warm as well as cool. And it works great. It’s made of 18/8 stainless steel, so it won’t rust and doesn’t have a metallic taste. It’s vacuum insulated, and in a side-by-side comparison with a plastic insulated tumbler, it did keep ice cubes in ice water noticeably longer.

I also like that it has a “sweat-free” design. I can set it right on my desk without a coaster, and don’t fear being scolded by my wife for leaving rings behind. It’s BPA-free and has a clear lid (also BPA-free) so you know how much liquid is in the cup before you take a swig (a plus for clumsy hot coffee drinkers like myself). It’s tough and fits easily in most boat or truck cup holders.

I can’t wait for it to warm up around here so I can do some more field testing with something frosty. I much prefer the scenario where it’s hot on the outside and the chilly stuff is in the cup, rather than living in a refrigerated environment and drinking hot beverages from a hand warmer. I’m thinking this might become standard “margarita while grilling on the deck” gear… I’ll keep you posted.