I’ve crossed rivers in boats and simply walking to get to an eating fish. I’ve also crossed them with less traditional means like stand-up boards, kayaks, beach balls, and inflatable blow up dolls. No joke on that last one.

This video from Live Leak however takes things to a whole new level.

Supposedly showing, “teachers and students in a village in northwestern Vietnam risking their lives in flood season as they cross a fast-flowing stream by wrapping themselves in a plastic bag to be pulled from one bank to the other on their way to school.”

That is some serious dedication to learn your multiplication tables–which is great–but I am not so sure I’ll be utilizing this technique anytime soon to get to that 24 inch rainbow slurping grasshoppers on the far bank.

What about you folks, what’s the craziest way you’ve crossed a river to get to a fish that was furiously eating?