I just spent the better part of last week on assignment with Field & Stream — kayaking, camping, and running Yamaha side-by-sides deep into redfish territory. We base-camped at the mouth of the Colorado river near Matagorda, Texas and would take the side-by-sides (kayaks on top) up and down the barrier islands exploring the east and west sides of Matagorda bay looking for suitable fishing locales. We had a bunch of help from the friendliest group of Texas kayakers you’ll ever meet. The flora and fauna were incredible, with unimaginable numbers of different bird species, rattlesnakes, flowering cactus, etc…

It was an amazing trip with all the ups and downs you’d expect with any exploratory camping/fishing trip, and it will be published soon in a new visual layout from I cannot wait to see what the designer and developers do with the piece. I was very grateful to be part of it. I’ll keep you all informed when it gets close to publishing. Until then, you can just visualize me hanging out of one of these things trying to get the shot and being sprayed with sand, seawater, and the occasional five-inch grasshopper.