Okay, so I now wish that I hadn’t posted a picture of myself wearing a dress for the Field & Stream nation to see.

But true to my word, I am going to award a copy of Rod Hamilton’s “Do-it-Yourself Bonefishing,” which I do believe to be one of the best bonefishing books ever written to airbornedoc, who said: “I wish there was a snow cone holder on my wading belt.”

I just got to thinking about casting on a hot summer day, and having a snow cone attached to my wading belt, and I thought, “Now there is a good wish!” Who wouldn’t want to fish with a snow cone? That’s pure fantasy, and that earns a book.

Granted, there were many funny answers. (I really liked Cermele saying he wished that I did birthday parties… if this writing thing ever doesn’t work out, I could a backup plan.) I also liked po2p7so’s “I wish they would start testing for HGH in these Miss USA pageants.”

I will be granting a bonus wish to Micropterus24, who asked: “I wish to never again see Kirk Deeter in a dress.”

Poof. Done. Ain’t ever gonna happen again. You’re welcome.