Here’s a simple tip that I guarantee will help you hook up on more trout, particularly when you are sight casting in clear water.

When you’re fishing in a meadow environment, or anywhere that doesn’t involve a lot of trees behind you, drop to your knees to make the cast to your target.

I know, I know. That’s a pain (literally) for some of us. But if you take that one simple step, you will increase your odds by 50 percent, and here’s why:

Remember that fish have a conical range of vision. Their eyes aren’t pointed forward like human eyes. They have far better peripheral vision than we give them credit for. So when there’s not trees for you to blend in with, you’re going to stick out, and they’re going to eventually see you. Even if you’re being still. Sure you can stand 80 feet behind them and fire your casts from there, but what good is an off-target long bomb when you can make a shorter, accurate cast? All you have to do is simply drop your profile.

Aside from that, I have said many times that shadows spook fish more than anything else in these situations (I’ve seen it, wearing a scuba mask and tank). The lower profile reduces the shadow factor.

Give it a try and tell me what you think. I am confident that you will be pleased.