After much deliberation, I finally picked a winner to last week’s caption contest. There were a ton of hilarious responses that I liked, but the one that had me laughing the most came from Craigb, who not only wrote a funny caption but utilized both feet and fishing references.

He wrote, “This little piggy had dry boots, this little piggy had none, This little piggy went fly fishing, this little piggy casts long, and this little piggy decided it was better to stay in the drift boat all day long”

Craigb, shoot me an e-mail at and I’ll get your copy of “SALT: Coastal and Flats Fishing” sent right out.

Here are some of the others that had me rolling, but didn’t quite get it done:

from Cbass123: “Are those his feet, or is he smuggling mushrooms?”

from paul h: “Looks like a bad case of Plantar Fishyitis!”

from SwampDonkey012: “I tell you what Tom, i’m grateful that I finally got my foot transplant but I never expected to get them from an 80 year old donor.”

from Castnblast: “The smile soon faded from the other guys face when he realized they have to share a tent.”

from Seth Parker: “After a long day of making fake bigfoot prints through the forest, Tim was beginning to regret bragging about his exceptionally large feet to the Animal Planet producers..”

from Dusty Hughes: “You want krinkle cut or regular fries with that???”

from Sureshot516: “Billy has found the fountain of youth, however the pool is slightly smaller than his 6’4″ frame.”

from Sven_Katur: “The last time I saw feet like that one of them was sporting a a toe tag…”

from wittsec: “I got my mom’s eyes and my grandpa’s feet.”

from drawer.bli: “Everyone come around and look closely. Can you find a flat spot where we can pitch our tents? Yeah, I can’t find one either.”