width=500 If you use a box call, you know that chalking its lid will help keep it sounding sweet. But some experts, like turkey call maker Jim Young (jim​young​turkey​calls.​com), prefer a thin coat of pine rosin. “It creates friction between the call’s lid and sidewalls,” says Young, “but it also provides a degree of waterproofing and promotes a more resonant sound.” You can buy rosin, but why spend the money when you can easily make your own? Follow Young’s simple three-step process: 1. Gather pitch from the outside of a pine tree. Put it in a clean, empty tuna can. Then light the pitch on fire and let it cook for 3 to 5 minutes until the flame dies out. **** 2. Separate out any bark, dirt, or other impurities by pouring the hot liquid sap through wire mesh, such as an old kitchen strainer or piece of window screen, and into a makeshift tinfoil cup. **** 3. Let it cool and solidify. To use, scuff the lid of your box call very lightly with a Scotch-Brite scouring pad and apply a thin coat of rosin. Now go call in a gobbler.