My senior year in high school, a pastor from our local church organized short prayer meetings very early in the morning every Friday before school started. These were the type of events most mothers would love their “perfect” sons to attend. So in the early fall and spring months, my brother and I awoke earlier than usual and left the house. My mom thought we were angels. Little did she know that we had our rod tubes hidden in the back of the truck. We’d drive to a nearby lake and had our own version of Communion (Krispy Kreme donut holes and coffee…Amen!), while patrolling the shorelines for bass and bluegill as the sun came up. She didn’t find out until a few years after graduation, but it didn’t matter. Like most moms, she scolded us as if it just happened yesterday. Whatever you do, don’t read between the lines here—the last thing I need is a bunch of angry mom calling me when their kids suddenly start ditching church. But I know I’m not alone here. There has to be some other great stories out there of anglers and hunters skipping class or (sorry, Mom) church for the sake of a morning on the water or an afternoon in the tree stand. Let’s see who has the best story. —Ben Romans