width=201 Well, 4th of July weekend has come and gone. Unfortunately I didn’t get to head to my favorite river to do a little camping and fishing. But the local reservoir served as a good substitution, and I was able to get a little fishing in—although the 100-plus-degree temps made it tough not to take a few dips in the water. My dad, brother, and I spotted some bass (mostly smallmouth) and some of the largest carp I’ve ever seen. Sadly they weren’t in the mood to eat. Well, except for a couple. The biggest highlight had to be my dad’s double catch. He was using a fly rod and fishing two flies. I don’t know how it happened, but he made a cast and TWO fish hit the flies at the same time! They weren’t huge fish, but it was cool catch nonetheless. Who else out there has had luck on their side over the holiday weekend? Post your best story! —Ben