width=199A few days ago, I was going through some photos from a spring turkey hunt, and I found a shot of me in a pop-up blind dressed in black and looking like some turkey-hunting ninja. I was in Nebraska trying to tag gobblers with a stick-and-string, and even though it was very hot a few days, I loved being out there. I mean, LOVED it. Before I knew it, looking at those photos got me all psyched up to go hunting again. Which made me wonder about something. I am a devout fisherman; have been all my life. But my passion—something I will drop everything to do—is hunting. I simply can’t get enough of it. I love the excitement, the rush, the time spent with friends and family. And while these are all things I also get from fishing, it just isn’t the same. Hands down, I would be happy in a tree stand or hiking the hills 365 days a year. So I’m proposing an informal poll: I want to see if there is a preference out there. If time and seasons were not an issue, which would your rather do throughout the year—hunt or fish? —Ben