width=300I’m definitely not much of a video gamer (although I still enjoy a few rounds of old-school Frogger now and then), but I thought you guys might be interested about a new online hunting game from Atari. According to, a video-game blog, the new game, Deer Hunter Tournament, pits virtual hunters against one another in online tournaments. Based on the description of the game, it sounds like they’re at least trying to make it somewhat realistic: Precision aiming will be required, and wind will come into play. As you aim over distances, the direction of the wind will have an effect on your bullet’s path. The wind will also make animals aware of your scent, so you always have to make sure you’re in the right position if you want to capture a truly big trophy. width=300 I guess the game could be fun, especially if you’re playing against one of your hunting buddies. But honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of the people who play this game have never gone hunting in their life. Only a real hunter understands that a joystick or controller is one sorry substitute for the real thing. What’s your guys’ take? Does this game sound fun to you? —Colin