My grandma is a proficient scavenger. She taught us to keep our eyes peeled when we were out walking on crowded streets, and sometimes it paid off. My brother and I have found money, jewelry, and other things that fall under the old saying one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. But never—NEVER—have I found anything like Jacob Hopkins, 14, found in the waters he was fishing.

According to the Colfax Record, Hopkins was walking along the edge of Rollins Lake, in Nevada County, Calif., in late July when he spotted a stone in the water that turned out to be a 6-ounce gold nugget. We’ve been in this area for three years and know that whether you’re fishing, hiking or whatever, if you keep your eyes open you can find a nugget, Jacob told the newspaper.

In the end Jacob’s find is estimated to be worth just over $5,500. But that didn’t distract him from his original goal. After the excitement died down he returned to fishing and landed a 15-pound catfish.

Chances are good nobody here has found anything like Jacob, but what treasures have you found in the woods or on the water? —Ben