Holy smokes, summer has gone by fast. This past week I started seeing the seasonal “back to school” promotions at the stores in my hometown. But, you know, times are a little tough for a lot of people (something I’m reminded of every time I fill up my truck). So why not pinch pennies where you can? I’ve been doing some thinking, and there’s no reason why some hunting and fishing gear can’t double for school supplies. Nothing says style more than wearing a pair of rubber, knee-high camouflage boots to gym class. Worried of getting caught taking a snooze in American history class? Then a hat-facemask combo is just what you need, my friend. And if you’re looking for a backpack that’s big enough for your school supplies and all of your football gear, I’ve got the perfect solution: an over-the-shoulder duck-decoy bag. Lastly, the window between the first day of school and homecoming closes incredibly fast. So for you guys out there, forget about those fancy colognes. Instead, splash a little Tinks 69 or Code Blue deer scent behind your ears—but beware of the stray buck. What other gear could double for schools supplies? I know I’m overlooking a few here. —Ben