The Olympics are just around the corner. Which means for a few weeks time Americans will become as enthusiastic about swimming and gymnastics as a stadium full of Green Bay Packers fans on a Sunday afternoon. And with other events in sports like croquet, table tennis (aka ping pong), and badminton, I got to thinking: What about an Outdoors Olympics? I’m not talking about games that test casting skills or rifle accuracy. I’m talking about events that everyday sportsmen encounter in the woods or on the water. For example: The tree-stand race—first one to 15 feet wins and no ladder stands allowed. Or, what about a race to untangle a birds nest from your reel? Competitors would receive scores based on their speed and the backlash’s degree of difficulty. These are just a couple ideas, and there’s got to be some other events we can come up with. Send me your best ideas, guys. Let the games begin! —Ben