Pop quiz time. What holiday is celebrated (well, at least among hunters and anglers) every fourth Saturday of September? National Hunting and Fishing Day. What originally began in 1970 as a state holiday in Pennsylvania quickly gained national attention, and within a few years all 50 states followed suit. Since then it has served as a reminder of why we need to conserve our resources, protect our outdoor sporting heritage, and educate those who would otherwise never know the excitement of a fish on the end of a line or the rush from releasing an arrow. Why do I bring this up?  It’s just one more example of how much hunting, fishing, and the outdoors are part of America’s culture.  So here’s my assignment to you guys for tomorrow: Get outside! Go hiking in a park, fish a farm pond, hunt squirrels for the afternoon, or do anything else you can think of to commemorate the day. I know I will. —Ben