I’m all for safety, but lately the line between security and common sense is blurry. That said, I thought we needed a heads up for anyone out there who, like me, occasionally uses the truck as a storage shed for hunting and fishing gear. A school in northern Michigan recently conducted an “inspection” of student cars in the parking lot. In the process, they turned up three shotguns (in locked cases) that students accidentally left in their cars after weekend hunts. This second story really bugs me—not just because it concerns a bow (again, in a locked case), but because  the bow was not even in working condition. This poor guy even told his teacher in first period that he forgot the bow in his car, but because of a loophole, the school still penalized him with suspension…and were contemplating expulsion! We need safe schools, and unfortunately fanatical people are going to throw hunters into the crossfire now and then. The best defense is to make sure you don’t take any hunting or fishing gear on or near school property. If they perceive anything as a weapon, you could find yourself in some hot water. Has anyone else had similar problems because they forgot to clean out their car? —Ben