When I hunt, I try hard. I mean, I really try to get into the mess of things. Elk hunting is no different. Lately, however, I’ve noticed that some people are just better at closing the deal than others. Case in point: Lindsey May of Washington. She’s a high-school student with all sorts of hunting accolades under her belt (including a huge black bear), and now she can add one more. Last week Lindsey shot an incredible elk deep in the heart of Washington’s wilderness—one that she said was “a once in a lifetime animal.” Even with a string of mules, it took two days to pack out the head, hide, and meat quarters. I’ve never been as fortunate as Lindsey, but I have a few trophies on the wall and memories forever fixed in my head. Who else has a good trophy story? It could be a tale of a forked-horn buck for all I care. Any story will do. You don’t have to be the one that pulled the trigger. —Ben